My Morning Routine

Hello everyone!☺I loved writing this blog post because I love my morning routine. I enjoy waking up everyday doing what I like to do. Before I had my son, I would wake up whenever I wanted to. I would sleep late and wake up late. But doing this left most of my days unproductive. I was … Continue reading

February Favorites

It's already March! Wow, February flew by so quickly. Even though February is a short month, I discovered several beauty products I really loved and enjoyed. Many of these I purchased a few months ago, but I got to really love them this past month. so, here are the products I want to share with … Continue reading

You’re 9 Months!

9 months! It felt like I just gave birth to you yesterday. I remember every moment and every detail on the day you were born. In a week, you will be 9 months. Then in 3 months you will turn a year old. You will be a 'toddler' but in my eyes you will ALWAYS be my baby.These past 9 months had … Continue reading

Blogger Recognition Award

Thank you so much homeiswheretheheartis2017 for nominating me for the blogger recognition award! 😊🥇 This award has me feeling so joyful, grateful and ecstatic all at the same time. I am a new blogger. This award motivated me to continue this blog!Rules: Thank the blogger who … Continue reading