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You’re 9 Months!

By February 13, 2017 Baby, Life

9 months! It felt like I just gave birth to you yesterday. I remember every moment and every detail on the day you were born. In a week, you will be 9 months. Then in 3 months you will turn a year old. You will be a ‘toddler’ but in my eyes you will ALWAYS be my baby.

These past 9 months had been a roller coaster. You made me smile every time I felt down or hopeless. I have broken down, thinking I wasn’t good enough to be your mother. There were stressful days. You would cry and I tried all my hardest to make you happy. But there were times you just cried for no reason. And I had to accept that. There were nights where I would have only 5 hours of sleep, lots of nights I should say. But seeing you smile encouraged me to continue being your mom and to stay positive. I would hold you and hug you until you felt better. Holding you in my arms felt like the first time I held you. It makes me feel complete and happy.

I remember your first smile at 2 months old; the camera never left my hand. And you cooing would get me excited everytime. Your father and I were so obsessed with you. We still are.😅

And I remember when you had your first vaccinations. Oh, how it killed me inside hearing you cry loudly. Thankfully my voice and warmth soothed you. After all, it is my job to keep you happy and safe. The next day you had your first fever. It was 4 am. You woke up crying and I didn’t know why. I fed you and rocked you but you kept crying. Something inside me told me to take your temperature and I did. Your temperature was 101 degrees. Your father and I immediately rushed you to the hospital. I was so relieved I checked your temperature. Till this day I always check your temperature when you’re crying for no reason.
By 4 months you started smiling more and more. You also started laughing. Your laughs were contagious. I love hearing your laughter; it brightens my day.

And when you turned 5 months. You had your first two teeth. How adorable did you look smiling with your new teeth. They were not easy getting them.

And when you were about 7 months you starting babbling “dada” and “mama.” I’ve been waiting for you to finally ‘talk.’ Soon for sure, you would call me Mama and I can’t wait for that day to come.

Now you are all over the place. You are a ball of energy, my son.  Crawling and getting your hands on anything you can reach. And your laughter has gotten more jollier. You are always babbling with a scrunched face. Hahaha, the faces you do are hilarious.

Soon you will be 9 months. Wow, time does fly by fast. I hope to make every moment with you memorable.

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